Mark Wahlberg’s Cast Mate to Step into the Ring

Who: former NFL Super Bowl Champ Lee Woodall vs Reality Star from Wahlburgers TV show and Mark Wahlbergs Good Friend and his original Entourage Friend Henry Nacho Laun

What: Henry Nacho Laun Good friend to Movie Star Mark Wahlberg and currently on Wahlbergs Hit TV show Wahlburgers will step into the Celebrity Boxing/ World Xtreme Entertainment Ring to go at it with former NFL Super Bowl Champ Lee Woodall. They both will be at Press Conference

When: This Tuesday December 23 at 12 PM

Where: Brian Balance Achievement Center 451 Baltimore Pike Springfield Pa.

For more info call 484-318-6133




Stop the Violence and Step into the Ring Press

The Press Conference will be the start the Stop the violence and Step into the Ring dedicated to Chester PA

This Wednesday (December 17th)  at Central Park 650 Baltimore Pike Springfield Pa

At 8 pm

Meet the participants in the event and Mayor of Chester John Linder , organizer Jennifer Bail and Celebrity Boxing’s Damon Feldman in helping the vision of the violence going on in Chester and the new Boxing gym that will be dedicates in helping the kids of chester
More info 484-318-6133


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